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Creative Critical Reflection questions

#4. How did you integrate technologies- software, hardware, and online-in this project?

I integrated hardware and software technologies into this project by using my computer and a program named IMovie to edit. The hardware I used was the computer itself and it was able to run the software program needed to edit. The software program that I used was IMovie and this made it easy to insert all my clips and put text and sound effects to make it into a more interesting film.

Furthermore, I used youtube to find music and later used youtubetomp3.com to put them in Imovie.

I have to admit that at first it was not easy due to our lack of knowledge in the area. None of my group knew how to manage computers and even less programs like youtubetomp3.com. But with time and dedication, we made it work.

We asked for help to our family and also some teachers from school who we knew were good with computers and programs, and we also searched up tutorials in youtube of how to use these programs.

My group and I did the best we could with what we had learned and I have to say I am very happy with the results.

Not only did I learn new programs and apps such as youtubetomp3.com existed, but also learned how to apply them.

Creative Critical Reflection questions

#3. How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

I have to admit, my productions skills when we first started out project were not the best. I did not even know how to film a point of view shot correctly. However, as I continued to work on this project, my skills significantly developed. I already knew about all the different kind of shots, but while making our film I really got to practice them and really comprehend the need of them. For example, I understood the importance of the point of view shot; how it allows the director to shed light on a new perspective and highlight the significant emotions of the world. I learned the importance of camera angles. For example, how the way one puts the camera can have a big effect on what the picture tells the viewers and how the angle of a shot can dramatically affect how the audience perceives the character. And most importantly, how the angle of a camerashot is extremely significant for shaping the meaning of the film.

Furthermore, my practical knowledge and understanding of a variety of media and computational technologies also developed throughout this project. I learned how to work with digital cameras, digital video and sound recording equipment, and analytical and editing software.

At first, everything was very confusing and irritating since I did not know a single thing about computers or how they worked. But as I practiced, I got better and better at it which also made it way more fun. It was very interesting to learn these things that I would have never learned without putting the time and dedication I put into this project.

Creative critical reflection questions

#1. How does your product challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues

Since my group could not meet because of the unforeseen pandemic happening right now, I will answer these creative critical reflection questions regarding our second film, Chasing the bag.

The audience expects to see conventions in a media product since it is a building block.

The short film already begins with a type of music that allows the audience to know and understand that something shady is going on. No narrator said anything; the viewers understand the convention by how the film starts with the suspicious music.

The clothes worn by the characters depicts the genre the film is based on which is thieves and therefore the clothes are not extravagant but simple.

I used the shocking red color for the bag so that it would get the attention of the audience.

In my film the issue that could be portrayed is the generation of young criminals trying to survive in a world of injustice.

Creative Critical Reflection questions

#2. How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

My group and I chose Geo films as it is a film production and distribution company that distributes Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood films in cinemas across Pakistan.

Famous movies such as Bol are based on social issues that people are surrounded by on a daily basis are distributed by this company.

Furthermore, for international distribution, my group and I decided to use the Time Warner company with Warner Bros as our international media distribution. WB  is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered.

We chose it because it is a very significant studio and with reliable sources they are able to share their films with the world.

My role in the final movie


  • find location
  • make sure that every component of the movie runs smoothly
  • I have a say in how the scenes unfold, what props are going to be used, how the characters should look, and who should play specific parts.
  • control the films artistic and dramatic aspects
  • visualizes the screenplay while guiding my group and actors in the fulfilment of that vision.

As the movie director, I was responsible to try for out group to meet and create a plan for out final film. Unfortunately, the corona virus outbreak brought me some difficulties as we weren’t all together to decide what to do and were not allowed to go outside. Nonetheless, I arranged a zoom meeting where our group could safely meet and discuss what we were going to do.

Of course, we discussed the possibility of filming the movie like we were going to do from the beginning, but due to some special occasions we have in out family, we agreed it was better to do something else; we could not put our family at risk.

Then, I proposed to film ourselves (each one of us in our houses) and then send all the videos to the editor so she could put them together and create the movie. And in fact, we did try it, but it did not come out as we hoped it would; it was low quality, and since we all were in different scenarios, it wasn’t clear what was going on. Also, the sound was horrible and it was just a mess overall.

Finally, we simply decided to explain in our blogs the situation and try to continue them with what we have.

Difficulties due to the pandemic

Unfortunately, we could not finish our last movie because of the unforeseen global pandemic that is now going on. Not only we could not go to school anymore and therefore couldn’t have time to finalize all the last details there, but also, we were not able to meet during quarantine. Of course, there was the possibility of meeting with precautions such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, two feet apart… etc. It was going to be difficult but we discussed the possibility of it happening. However, our parents were not okay with that decision. Not only because they were scared of the virus, but also, the majority of us has a situation at home that is not worth the risk. Personally, my dad is very sick with cancer and therefore his immune system is very weak and he cannot afford getting it. This is why we could not finish our movie.

But heres our finished one: our second one!

script improved

In this new screenplay, I took a step back as a director and made sure to improve what needed to be improved for the movie in order for it to be the best it could be. As a director, I had to choose what people were fit to act in our film and who was the better choice to film it. In addition, I had to correct some mistakes I had done in the first script, for example, the setting of the movie. As we wrote the script, I realized how we had to find anther setting that would be a better fit regarding to what we had in mind. I had to find a new place where it was safe to do what we wanted to in order to succeed in our action scene.


  • KBCS roof
  • Charles Brewer’s street & home
  • Rickenbacker bridge



  • Megan and Peter run out of the building where they rob the bank with bags on their hands (in a hurry)
  • They succeed in getting out of the building without getting caught, and get into their escape car that is parked  right outside of the building. 
  • They get to the car and throw their bags in the back and as they get into the car Megan sees someone coming for them and shooting at them.
  • Peter gets shot.
  • They finally get into the car and drive away.


Peter is shot and drives away with a bloody shoulder.


Are you okay?!


Yes. I think I can drive for now.


Isn’t that one of the hostages? How did he get out?


 Peter, I thought you checked everyone inside, we shouldn’t have made any mistakes!


 I did! But this guy seemed like a normal dude. I’m sorry. But don’t worry I think I can lose him just buckle up.


Megan and Peter put their seatbelts on and Peter sees the man in a motorcycle following them.

Action scenes begin and they speed up and go in between cars.

After 20 -30 seconds of action in the car the man in the motorcycle pops one tire.


Damn! What are we going to do now?!


Pull over right here.

They pull over and get out of the car.


They get the bags from the back and run.


Come here, you have to trust me.






They turn around and see the man getting close.

They run and jump off the bridge. (Jumping scene is slow motion.)

The man in the motorcycle gets to them and looks down on the water, finding nothing.

Scene cuts to Megan and Peter all wet in a room, with their money.

Script of the final movie

Megan and Peter run out of the bank with bags on their hands.

Megan and Peter get into a car thinking that they are in the clear when undercover Russian police that was inside of the bank comes out and starts to chase them

Megan: Holy s**t, isn’t that one of the hostages? How did he get out?

Megan: Peter thought you checked everyone inside, we shouldn’t have made any mistakes 

Peter: I did but this guy seemed like a normal dude I’m sorry, but don’t worry I think I can lose him just buckle up.

Megan and Peter  think they are in the clear *Gunshot* hits Peters shoulder drivers change 

Adirk: got you SOAB!!

Peter: OMG I’ve been hit I can’t move my arm, take of your belt *ties belt around would*

Megan: Switch seats Ill drive 

*we do the most unnecessary and complicated seat change*(no music)

Megan: I have a plan, but you cannot bleed out for this one 

Peter: Don’t worry I’ve stopped the bleeding

Peter: Well this couldn’t get any worse- *tires popping* 

(Megan and Peter hiding behind the car receiving gunshots)

Megan: I know what to do bout you are going to have to run faster than you have ever done 

Megan: Ready?

Peter: Never been more ready

(they run in slow-motion to the edge of a bridge and jump off)

Adrik: no!! I don’t know how to swim; will meet again you are not getting away with my money for much longer “PETER” *in a suspenseful voice* 

*scene cuts Megan and peter have wet clothes in some kind of underground facility and Megan is sowing Peters wound*