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Creative Critical Reflection questions

#3. How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

I have to admit, my productions skills when we first started out project were not the best. I did not even know how to film a point of view shot correctly. However, as I continued to work on this project, my skills significantly developed. I already knew about all the different kind of shots, but while making our film I really got to practice them and really comprehend the need of them. For example, I understood the importance of the point of view shot; how it allows the director to shed light on a new perspective and highlight the significant emotions of the world. I learned the importance of camera angles. For example, how the way one puts the camera can have a big effect on what the picture tells the viewers and how the angle of a shot can dramatically affect how the audience perceives the character. And most importantly, how the angle of a camerashot is extremely significant for shaping the meaning of the film.

Furthermore, my practical knowledge and understanding of a variety of media and computational technologies also developed throughout this project. I learned how to work with digital cameras, digital video and sound recording equipment, and analytical and editing software.

At first, everything was very confusing and irritating since I did not know a single thing about computers or how they worked. But as I practiced, I got better and better at it which also made it way more fun. It was very interesting to learn these things that I would have never learned without putting the time and dedication I put into this project.

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