Creative critical reflection questions

#1. How does your product challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues

Since my group could not meet because of the unforeseen pandemic happening right now, I will answer these creative critical reflection questions regarding our second film, Chasing the bag.

The audience expects to see conventions in a media product since it is a building block.

The short film already begins with a type of music that allows the audience to know and understand that something shady is going on. No narrator said anything; the viewers understand the convention by how the film starts with the suspicious music.

The clothes worn by the characters depicts the genre the film is based on which is thieves and therefore the clothes are not extravagant but simple.

I used the shocking red color for the bag so that it would get the attention of the audience.

In my film the issue that could be portrayed is the generation of young criminals trying to survive in a world of injustice.


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