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Script of the final movie

Megan and Peter run out of the bank with bags on their hands.

Megan and Peter get into a car thinking that they are in the clear when undercover Russian police that was inside of the bank comes out and starts to chase them

Megan: Holy s**t, isn’t that one of the hostages? How did he get out?

Megan: Peter thought you checked everyone inside, we shouldn’t have made any mistakes 

Peter: I did but this guy seemed like a normal dude I’m sorry, but don’t worry I think I can lose him just buckle up.

Megan and Peter  think they are in the clear *Gunshot* hits Peters shoulder drivers change 

Adirk: got you SOAB!!

Peter: OMG I’ve been hit I can’t move my arm, take of your belt *ties belt around would*

Megan: Switch seats Ill drive 

*we do the most unnecessary and complicated seat change*(no music)

Megan: I have a plan, but you cannot bleed out for this one 

Peter: Don’t worry I’ve stopped the bleeding

Peter: Well this couldn’t get any worse- *tires popping* 

(Megan and Peter hiding behind the car receiving gunshots)

Megan: I know what to do bout you are going to have to run faster than you have ever done 

Megan: Ready?

Peter: Never been more ready

(they run in slow-motion to the edge of a bridge and jump off)

Adrik: no!! I don’t know how to swim; will meet again you are not getting away with my money for much longer “PETER” *in a suspenseful voice* 

*scene cuts Megan and peter have wet clothes in some kind of underground facility and Megan is sowing Peters wound*

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