Creative Critical Reflection questions

#4. How did you integrate technologies- software, hardware, and online-in this project?

I integrated hardware and software technologies into this project by using my computer and a program named IMovie to edit. The hardware I used was the computer itself and it was able to run the software program needed to edit. The software program that I used was IMovie and this made it easy to insert all my clips and put text and sound effects to make it into a more interesting film.

Furthermore, I used youtube to find music and later used to put them in Imovie.

I have to admit that at first it was not easy due to our lack of knowledge in the area. None of my group knew how to manage computers and even less programs like But with time and dedication, we made it work.

We asked for help to our family and also some teachers from school who we knew were good with computers and programs, and we also searched up tutorials in youtube of how to use these programs.

My group and I did the best we could with what we had learned and I have to say I am very happy with the results.

Not only did I learn new programs and apps such as existed, but also learned how to apply them.

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