Preliminary Task #2

Our second preliminary task was to make another short film. My partners and I took this task as a second chance to self-correct our mistakes from the past film and apply the skills we learned over time which we we had not applied before.

  1. Rate on a scale of 1-10 how did your group work as a team. Support your rating. What could have made it a 10? Overall, we worked very well as a team; we were all very open in sharing ideas, thoughts and criticism. I would rate us an 8. However, we could have worked better as a team and make our rate a 10 if we had been more patient when it came to actually filming the movie. With the excitement of filming the movie and all the ideas each of us had, it was a little difficult to get to work. Despite our difficulties, we were able to talk it through and get to work.
  2. Explain how you organized and prepared for the project. What went well and what could have been improved? First of all, I started by brain storming ideas. Once we all decided what we wanted do, I started with the story board, where I drew what we were going to film, with our shots and angles included. The story board was essential for the success of our film. It allowed for me to think in advance about how we wanted our film to develop and consider the technical and audio codes we would use to convey it. Furthermore we found the perfect place for our movie: a dark forest. It was the perfect setting for out movie. However, the sound in that place was not so good, which we would have improved.
  3. What difficulties did you encounter when FILMING? How did you overcome them?One difficulty I encountered when filming was the sound. The place we chose to film the movie was perfect for the setting but not so good for the sound. It was a little park and therefore many people would pass buy and make noise. I overcome this by editing; lowering the noise of the people walking by and improved the noise of our voices so it could be more clear for the audience.
  4. What difficulties did you face when EDITING? Some difficulties I faced when editing were the light and sound. It was hard to lower the unwanted noise and it was also hard finding a non-diagetic sound that would make the movie more interesting. Furthermore, another difficulty I faced when editing was the lighting; trying to make it brighter without making it look too fake was challenging.
  5. Discuss how you prepared for the AUDIO of your film? The first thing it came to my mind when thinking about where to film our movie was the sound; it had to be somewhere open yet not so noisy, and especially not windy so the sound could be heard. That was exactly what I did for the diegetic sound. And for the non diegetic sound my partners and I applied background music so it would add more tension and suspension to the film.
  6. If you were to REPEAT THE PROJECT AGAIN, what would you do differently? If I were to repeat this project again I would like to add more intriguing scenes so the movie could have a little more of suspense. Furthermore, I would have done it somewhere quieter, since one of our biggest difficulties was the noise.
  7. ANALYZING THE FINAL PRODUCTION, what aspects are you happy with? What could have been improved? I am personally happy with how out movie turned out. I really liked how we were able to put our ideas together and make something intriguing out of it. My favorite scene is the one where the man escaping makes noise and the man running behind his hears him. I am very happy with hoe that scene turned out and how we were able to make it suspenseful yet funny. This being said, the sound and lighting could have been improved. It was sometimes hard to see because of the darkness and difficult to understand the dialogue because of the noise.

Here is a scene we could have added to improve the movie and make it more intriguing.

And finally, here is our second movie!!!

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