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Preliminary Task #1

The first project we ever made was a 2 minute film called Duelo. It was about a couple who had been together for 14 years, yet were not married. Mirtha, the girlfriend, had been patiently waiting for Yonaikel, her boyfriend, to propose, but the time just never came. One sunny day, the couple went for a walk. as they were crossing a park, Yonaikel by accident throws a flower pot to the flor. When he picks it up, he ends up in one knee. this is when Mirtha wrongly believes he is finally proposing. sadly for her, he was just picking up what he had thrown. As he explains the misunderstanding, she goes crazy and even threatens to kill him. this is when they decide the only way to fix this is by doing a Duelo. the film finishes with the couple about to get married, but we left it with the suspense of doubt of Yonaikels answer.

This movie was a challenge for me, since it was the first time doing something like this. However, it was a very helpful experience in order for me to learn and self-correct my mistakes while I collaborated with the other students in my group. Among other things, I learned to decide what kind of shots were needed for each different scene. for example, during the duel, it was very important to show the characters’ facial expressions. Therefore, we decided to take a close up shot and an extra close up shot. We used the close-up shot to show greater detail of the duel to the viewer. Additionally, we used the extreme-close up shot in order to show only a detail of the subject, such as their eyes.

However, we also made a lot of mistakes. For example, we did not really take into considaration the importance of sound. we learned and understood that poor sound can ruin an otherwise spectacular production.  Moreover, we also missed the significance of mise en scene, which we later learned how it is not only about the clothing or the colors, but is used to achieve a number of effects such as to make a character seem more mysterious by shading sections of the face or body, to reflect the mental state or hidden emotions of a character. As I said before, doing this film was extremely helpful to improve out skills, and we certainly will! We will use all that we learned and will self-correct our mistakes to make out next movie the best one!

here is our first film!

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