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Codes and Conventions

The terms code and conventions are adaptable and adjust to various crowds, purposes and new audiences. Codes are signs which have the potential for various meanings and conventions are courses of action that become constant and acknowledged. At a progressively basic level, information on codes and conventions welcomes forecast, sets up desires and permits methodsSigue leyendo «Codes and Conventions»


M – Media LanguageI – InstitutionsG – GenreR – RepresentationA – AudienceI – Ideologies and ValuesN – NarrativeE – Economical, political, social, historical M: Media Languages In media terms, it depicts the sign frameworks, structures and codes utilized by a specific medium, for example, photographic language, film/moving picture language or print medium language. These codesSigue leyendo «Migraine»

My favorite type of genre

Mystery Genre This genre is a type of fiction in which a professional, such as a detective, solves a crime or series of crimes. The purpose of a mystery novel is to solve a puzzle and to create a feeling of resolution with the audience. Key elements The characters, the setting, the plot, the problem, and theSigue leyendo «My favorite type of genre»