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M – Media Language
I – Institutions
G – Genre
R – Representation
A – Audience
I – Ideologies and Values
N – Narrative
E – Economical, political, social, historical

  • M:
  • Media Languages
  • In media terms, it depicts the sign frameworks, structures and codes utilized by a specific medium, for example, photographic language, film/moving picture language or print medium language.
  • These codes might be comprehended by certain crowds and not by others.
  • I:
  • Institutions are collections of individuals working together in hierarchal structure to achieve clearly defined goals.
  • G:
  • Genre
  • Genres can determine the narrative conventions of a text
  • Genres generate expectations in audiences
  • R:
  • Representation
  • Where the media build adaptations of individuals and places.
  • A:
  • Audience
  • Audiences are the groups of individuals targeted by producers as the intended consumers of media texts.
  • I:
  • Ideology comprises of a lot of mentalities, convictions and qualities held in like manner by a gathering of individuals and socially created inside a network to continue a specific lifestyle.
  • N:
  • Narrative
  • The idea of Narrative permits us to investigate how that plot/storyline has been assembled, and how characters are necessary to how the account is executed.
  • E:
  • Economical
  • political
  • social
  • historical

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